Jean-François LARVOIRE
* 27 Avenue des Mûriers
F-38240 Meylan
( +33 476 14 13 38 (work)
+33 680 31 50 36 (cell phone)
Born June 2nd, 1962. 45 years-old.
French nationality.
Married, 3 children.

Engineer from Ecole Centrale.

  • Expert software architect. Specialist of software/hardware interfaces:
    Firmware, Operating Systems kernels, OS bootstrap, File Systems, Device Drivers, Power Management, Plug and Play.
  • Researcher. 10 patents filed.
  • Software developer. Expert in x86 assembler, C, C++, HTML, Tcl. Practices a dozen other languages.
  • Web site development and management. (XML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL)
  • Native French; Fluent in English (2 years spent in the US); Notions of German.

Inventive / Flexible / Organized



2004-2007 HP Technical Computing Division, Grenoble, France.
SFS designer and developer
  • Participation in SFS design and development. (SFS is a very high performance file server, based on the Lustre open source file system)
  • Design and development of the Linux server cluster monitoring system.
  • Design and development of the file system management system on the server side, and of the mount system on the client side.
  • Developments mostly in Tcl and C, amongst an international team spread over France, Ireland and the USA.
2003 HP Technical Computing Division, Grenoble, France.
Tru64 SCIP network driver developer  
  • Development of a virtual TCP/IP network driver over a fast Quadrics network.
  • First professional experience in the Unix world (Tru64 is Digital Equipment 64-bits Unix).
2000-2002 HP Labs, Grenoble, France.
  • Experiments on JVMs and Web servers embedded in PC firmware.
  • Experiments on Intel Extended Firmware Initiative (EFI).
    EFI extensions proposal; Built a bootable virtual floppy based on proposal.
  • Research on HP CoolTown and Universal Plug and Play.
    UPnP standard extension proposal for geographic mapping of UPnP devices.
  • Eight patents filed.
  • Management of the HP Labs Grenoble web site.
1998-2000 HP PC division, Grenoble, France.
Responsible for several HP Vectra "Software differentiators"
  • Design and development of Win95 & NT drivers for the HP Vectra multimedia keyboard.
    VxD for Win95; .SYS for NT; Control Panel. In C++, based on class libraries.
  • Technical management of several contractors participating in its development.
  • Maintenance, migration, and preload of older software.
  • One patent filed for a software image migration tool.
  • Many unofficial contributions to the software preload process, including a universal boot diskette allowing easy software preloading on any networked HP PC.
  • Intervention on production line in Singapore; Diagnostic and resolution of a manufacturing quality problem.
1995-1997 HP PC division, Grenoble, France.
Power management expert
  • Development of several power management drivers for Windows 95.
    (Software power button; Hard disk motor on/off; PC hibernation)
  • Work together with Microsoft on the ACPI standard definition.
    Built a demonstrator used internally by Microsoft.
  • ACPI technology expert for HP Grenoble PC division since then.
1989-1994 HP PC division, Grenoble, France.
BIOS Engineer
  • Development of the BIOS for several PCs.
    First Setup in ROM written in C.
  • BIOS and Windows 3.11 display driver for HP's Omnishare. 
    First HP BIOS with full auto configuration, including hard disks.
  • One patent granted on a password security scheme.
1987-1989 HP office software division, Roseville, California, USA.
Software development engineer
  • Transfer and completion of a voice card project.
  • Voice card driver for Windows 1.0.
1985-1987 HP PC division, Grenoble, France.
Software development engineer
  • MS-DOS device drivers for a voice card. In C, 8086 and TMS 320 assembler.
    (Speech synthesis, speech recognition, software modem).
  • Multi-tasking multi-card support library. (non-trivial under MS-DOS)
1984-1985 CEPr  (Jet engine test center), Saclay, France.
Military service, as scientific specialist
  • Extension of the data acquisition and processing network.



Engineer diploma from Ecole Centrale (Chatenay Malabry, France)

  • Major in computer science.
  • Graduation paper on speech recognition: 
    Method for selecting among homonyms from context.


  • Grenoble is in the midst of the Alps. I practice a lot of Skiing; Mountain bike;
    Paragliding (longest flight: 127 km in 7 hours); tandem and club instructor flight license.
  • Climbed and flew down Mont Blanc in September 2002.
  • President of a local paragliding club: Le CHVD
  • Manages several Web sites.
  • Everything about space: Astronomy; Astronautics; Astrophysics...

French version of this resume.